Transcripts from Harold Earl Birt Data

Notes from Kenneth Jay
Sept 10, 1981

J Wilbur Birt is David's son, David is Christopher's brother

Robert W Jay (1887-1974) married J Wilbur Birt's sister Beatrice (1896-1965)
Children Alice May 1919-1919
Althol Bruce 1925-1926

Irene Coffin & Muriel MM Birt sisters to Winston Birt

Samuel Birt (m) Mary Birt
(s) Samuel D
(d) Rebecca R - died young
(d) Margaret E - died young
(d) Effie (m) Ira Gay

John Birt and Sallay came from Benhall England to Mt Stewart PEI in 1829 on the same boat

as Issac Jay and wife, Ida Birt had a son June 29, 1936 to Sept 18, 1936.

Daniel Birt was Winston's father.