Transcript of Harold Birt / From Gladys C Birt April 14 1976


Address to: Lt Harold E Birt Jr

            1202 Bryan Ave.

            Bellevue Nebraska 68005


From:       Gladys Birt

            RR 5

            Mt Stewart RR 5  PEI Canada


Dear Cousin:

      Here is some more information, which I hope you'll be able to decipher. If you wish additional info about

the elder John Birt's family I might be able to give you the names of some people to whom you might write. 

Good luck with your family tree.

                  Yours Truly

                  Gladys C Birt

                  Mt Stewart RR5

                  PEI Canada


John Birt and Sallay Mills- besides Jonathan had 2 sons William + David.

William married a Coffin girl + had three sons John, William, + James.

John married a Myers girl with issue: Howard, Lodge, Benjamin, + Edwin,

3 daughters- Adeline, Katherine + Eunice.


Note (Katherine with her sons David + Fred Murphy visited some of your folks in East Millinocket

on their way to PEI last summer)

David married Rebecca Jay with issue:

sons: Jonathan R, Edward, David, Samuel, and George

daughters: Elizabeth, Margaret, Amelia, Mary Ann, + Eleanor (They are all deceased

have left some descendants.


John Birt and Sallay Mills also had 3 daughters who married 3 Jay brothers -

Edward, John, + George and have left a great many descendants.

I know of some of these but not all, as they were before my time.

In giving John Birt's (John Birt was 3rd generation) family I might mention

that his daughter Adeline married my uncle (on mother's side) Robert Docherty.

They had 3 sons :

      Malcolm Birt, who became a doctor and joined the staff of the Mayo Clinic,

Rochester, Minn, as head Pathologist, from which he retired a year or so ago. 

He was born in 1909 and is married and has one son John in USA.

Stuart Mills, 1911-1975 was a scientist with degrees BA MA Phd. He joined staff of

Corning Glass Works, in Corning NY. He was responsible for perfecting material for

fire-proof curtains for theaters.

      Cyrus Alexander 1915 remained on the home farm.  He has four sons + four daughters,

and Stuart had one son + one daughter in USA.

Also William Henry Birt 3rd generation had a grandson Uttley who was co-owner of Carson + Birt glass co in Ch'town.  And his daughter (Williams) married P J MacDonald.  The eldest son B. Earle was at one time

Mayor of Ch'town and also served in the provincial legislature of PEI Wendell graduated as a doctor of Med.

and was chief radiologist for the two Ch'town hospitals.

      He is now retired.  He also won the Senior Men's Curling Ch'ships from all Canada in 1975 also in 1976 as skip of the rink.

Another son Capt Dr Kenneth MacDonald brother of Earl + Wendell served in the Sicilian campaign during the war and was killed while administering to a wounded comrade.

      He received the Military Cross for bravery.


The youngest so Allison is nor a member of our present government in PEI

David Birt 1854-1925 married Elizabeth McCannell with family.  Wilbur 1886-1941 married Marion Jay family : Stella, Florence, Stirling, Hester, Malcolm (deceased), James

Alden and Ira Daniels.  James + Daniel both deceased moved toWinnipeg, Can and settled

there married with families.  James + Daniel are deceased.

Mabel married Hector McCaannell had five daughters and one son all deceased one girl

Mabel too is deceased.

Beatrice 1896 - 196? was married to Robert Jay  and left one son Wilbur + daughter

Rena Hilda also deceased was married to Melvin jay had one daughter now deceased.

3rd gen Margaret Birt 1856-1942 married Christopher MacLean late in life had no issue.

      Christopher your great grandfather

      Dorothy Eleanor married her cousin John B Jay with issue Oliver Lee deceased in 1947

      Eliza (deceased) married George Leard (deceased) with issue Violet, Birt and Dorothy all living

      Margaret married McLeod Douglas and is deceased leaving one daughter Eleanor.

      Hazel married Ben Birt died leaving no family

      Edward E married Grace Jenkins with issue, Harold living in USA, Alton living in Pisquid and Juanita

living in Cornwall PEI. They are all living including Edward who is in his eighties. He served overseas in

first world war and was wounded.

      Harold B (deceased) married Myrtle jay issue Floyd and Shirley.

      Gertrude still living in USA married Oswald MacNeill has two daughter Isabel + Heather

      Helen married George Dover had one daughter Georgia, Helen is deceased.

3rd gen Jonathan E Birt married Margaret Doucherty with  issue: Barbara (school teacher)

      Winnifred 1902 married to Oliver MacKinnon with issue: Elmer Norma + Stanley

      Barbara was a school teacher.

4th gen Gladys Christina 1905 school teacher retired and lived at home with parents + brother.

      Ida May 1906 third daughter of Jonathan birt married Kenneth Jay with issue.

      Glendon living near Toroto married no family

      Manning living in Moncton NB working with CN Railway married with issue: Heather Lorne + Karen

      Carmen a member of the RCMP presently living in Dartmouth Nova Scotia married with issue Lori,

 Terry and Brown

      Leslie a United Church minister now serving in Crystal City Manitoba married with three children

Michelle, Jennifer, and Robert

      Lynwood school teacher in Ch'town PEI married with one son Christopher

      Daniel Birt 1865-1929  was married to Rhonda Coffin with issue

3rd gen  Irene 1895 - 1925 married Leigh Jay two children deceased and one daughter Muriel married and

living in Maine USA

      Muriel 1900 - 1919 died from Flu with complications

4th gen  Winston 1904 - 1969 never married. Spent al his adult life working in Clark's general store Mt Stewart PEI